Slow Frequency is a series of exhibitions initiated by Threewalls, Chicago and co-curated by Dan Devening, devening projects + editions; Jonathan Middleton, Or Gallery, Vancouver/Berlin and Shannon Stratton, Threewalls. Featuring work by Kyla Mallett, Vancouver (at Paris London Hong Kong); Troy Briggs, Chicago (at Or Gallery, Berlin); Andreas Bunte, Berlin and David Hartt, Chicago (at Or Gallery, Vancouver); Franziska Holstein, Aaron Carpenter and Philip von Zweck (at devening projects + editions) and Ron Terada, Vancouver (at Threewalls) in a series of exhibition projects, screenings and events as part of future programs. Slow Frequency addresses currents in artwork that engage a process of slow looking, magnification or tuning-in in order to locate the place where a thing becomes visually or sonically clearest. Whether manifest in photography, film, appropriation strategies or other forms of image or object making, the process of tuning-in to a space, an ideology, or a transmission is presented as a practice or gesture of careful observation.

In keeping with Threewalls practice of collaborating with like-minded organizations and curators, a tri-city/multi-space project was initiated between Chicago, Vancouver and Berlin in order to circulate the work of artists living in these cities, between these cities. Through studio and site visits, a series of exhibitions has emerged that will be held 2014-2015 between Threewalls, Chicago; devening projects + editions, Chicago; Paris London Hong Kong, Chicago; Or Gallery, Vancouver and Or Gallery, Berlin. This project was made possible by a generous grant from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s International Connection Fund.